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romoting Cultural ProgressVI. Promoting Social DevelopmentVII. Accelerating Environment-Frie

 development, detaili

ndly Develo▓pmentVIII. Promoting Common DevelopmentConclusionPreambleDevelopment is a uni▓vers

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al human theme, providing for people's basic needs and giving them hope of bet▓ter life. The righ

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t to development is an ina▓lienable human right, symbolizing dignity and honor. Only through development can we address global challenges; only through development c▓an we protect basic civil rights of the people; only through develop▓ment can we promote the prog

ress of human society.China, with a population of ov▓er 1.3 billion, is the largest developing cou▓ntry in the world. Development is the top priority of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in gover

is regard.Full tex

nance and nat▓ional revitalization, and the key to res▓olving all other problems. Based on its prevailing conditions, China adheres to the Chi▓nese socialist path and to the philosophy that development is of paramount import▓ance. China integrates the prin

  • t: The Right to D▓evelopment: China's Philosophy, Practice ▓and ContributionFull text:
  • The Right to Development: China's Philosophy, Practice and Cont
  • ribution12-01-2016 19:54 BJTBEIJING, Dec. 1 (X
  • inhua) -▓- China's State Council Informati▓on Office on Thursday issued a▓ white paper on
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